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MO PAUMCS will host its annual conference in Hannibal on Oct 8th and 9th. Mark your calendars and pan to attend this event. More information will be shared as it becomes available. To be added to the contact list, email the event registrar to Barbara Buck at mtdo8497@gmail.com.



The Green City Community Betterment has opened a small library called the Book Nook. It is operated as a donation only library. Every thing we have has been donated by the generous people of Green City and Northeast Missouri. A number of people involved in this project belong to the Green City Methodist Church or Methodist churches in the surrounding areas. We have raised this project up to God during our worship services and in our private prayers. One of the things we wanted see was a children’s storytime each week with a small craft for the children to take home. We have had stories about Mother’s Day, a puppet show and soon we will have a story about a big fish that swallowed a man. Each Saturday we have had anywhere from 6-14 children ages 2 years to 15 take part in our program. Our learning tree has 26 leaves on it. Each leaf represents a child who likes to read or likes to be read to. Again everything has been by donation including the craft supplies, our nearly 3,000 books for children and adults, our computers and copy machine. We have internet access and rent to pay. We are only open on Tuesday afternoons and Saturday mornings at this time. Our hope is to be open one evening a week and to have a book club for those interested. If you have ideas or would like to present a short program for our children please let us know. We would also welcome volunteers. The word library says tax money. Since there is already a tax supported library in our county, we do not qualify for tax monies or to be a branch of the county library. When the bookmobile was discontinued there became a need for us in the community. Please pray for us as we serve the people of our community.



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