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Sunday, September 10, 2017, was like any other Sunday morning at the Arbela United Methodist Church – well, maybe, not quite like any other Sunday, but a special one.  It was Grandparents day.  The September 3 assignment for each one of the congregation was to bring a photo of his/her Gandparents to be displayed in honorium on Grandparents’ Day.

The display table sporting the placard in honor of all Grandparents with tea candles adorned by a bed of dainty fall- colored flowers soon became crowded as the exhibit grew out into close- by pews.  Everyone enjoyed comparing photos to resemblance of  those present.  As the display table was viewed and special photos shared, doughnuts and chocolate milk were served, along with jelly slices, candy like Grandma used to stash away for the Grandkids.

Once the “partiers“ settled down, Pastor Marilyn Fitzgerald entertained the children with the story of how a little boy’s small lunch grew enough to share with the multitudes.  Following children’s time, the adult take on the sermon kept the attention of all present.  A beautiful Sunday morning service was closed with the well wishes for all past, present and future Grandparents.  The photos on display recognized at least five generations!   To God be the Glory…God plans for families to continue!

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